Welcome from the new owner!

this is how i work...seriously

this is how i work…seriously

If you are here for finance advice, you are in the wrong place.  Sorry, but this site is under new management.  The internet marketing experiment is over, and now is the time to pursue my true passion(s).  Join me as I follow the white rabbit and build up my presence and career in the tight knit world of cyber security.

Now to get to know me.  I’ve been a hobbyist for a very long time, but only recently delved into the depths of true knowledge.   I now bug/bounty hunt in my personal time (primarily web application vulns), and am teaching myself binary exploitation.  I have a few of the industry certs, one big one that doesn’t need mentioning, and a few lesser known ones like the eCPPT and eWPT.  The OSCP is in my cross-hairs and I am thoroughly excited to take it down!  I plan to document the latter as I go (adhering to NDAs of course), so join me, learn with and from me, and above all, never stop questioning!